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  • Impose extremely large load on the network infrastructure to impede its performance
  • Deep link to any part of the website, even through purchase of travel services, with written authorization from PlanMyHolidays
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The User Agreement gives PlanMyHolidays the right to cancel bookings of a user or delete user account if the website finds suspicious activity related to the user, there are signs of abuse or fraud. PlanMyHolidays.com.com reserves the right to take legal action against a user if they indulge in fraudulent activity, thereby being liable for monetary losses incurred by PlanMyHolidays on account of the user’s activities. The liability extends to legal costs and damages.


As per the terms and conditions for use of PlanMyHolidays website, it is mandatory visitors and users agree and give consent to the following:

  • Each user has legal and lawful authority to create a legally binding contract
  • Users must use the website, and its content and products in accordance to the Terms of Use
  • You have legal authorization to do legitimate reservations and bookings for you or a third-party
  • The user is obligated to inform the third-party about the Terms of Use that apply to bookings and reservations made on their behalf via the PlanMyHolidays website
  • The information and content available on the website is true, accurate and complete to PlanMyHolidays’s knowledge
  • You are responsible for safeguarding and protecting your PlanMyHolidays account once you register on the site. You are solely responsible for who uses the account

PlanMyHolidays reserves the right, at their discretion, to limit or deny access to the website, and its products and services, at any time for any reason, including, but not limited to, violation of Terms of Use.


PlanMyHolidays is responsible just for the transactions that are done by the website users via the PlanMyHolidays website. PlanMyHolidays is not responsible in any way whatsoever to screen, censor or control transactions, even those transactions that are legal and valid as per the prevailing laws in the user’s home country or country of domicile.

Users using PlanMyHolidays.com.com agree that they will abide by all procedures and guidelines mentioned on the website, including the ones that are modified from time to time, when using the services of PlanMyHolidays.

Users of PlanMyHolidays agree that they will comply with the laws and regulations governing the user of the services that the website provides. For any reason, if there is a disagreement or dispute regarding additional terms and conditions within the site, the users agree that these terms and conditions will be used to resolve the dispute and/or disagreement.


Every module, arrange and compilation on the website is copyrighted to PlanMyHolidays . Via the PlanMyHolidays website, PlanMyHolidays reserves the right to change the terms, conditions and notices on the website without prior consent of the users.

The terms and conditions are subject to regular review. PlanMyHolidays.com constantly makes an effort to ensure the information, content, terms, conditions and notices contained herein are accurate, complete and current. At the same time, PlanMyHolidays does not guarantee that individual content on webpages are accurate and correct. Hence, PlanMyHolidays.com cannot be held liable for errors and omission caused due to human or data entry resulting in damage or loss to the users.


PlanMyHolidays.com.com recommends that while using the website, users get familiar with the additional terms and conditions. There are additional terms and conditions that govern the purchase of travel-related goods and/or services via the PlanMyHolidays website. When a user elects to buy travel-related products and services through the PlanMyHolidays.com website, they agree to abide by the terms and conditions mentioned herein.

Fulfillment of supplier rules, restrictions pertaining to availability, and use of fares, services and products are not under the purview of these terms and conditions. This agreement includes, but not limited to, the payment of all amounts and dues in compliance with the supplier rules and restrictions.

Airfare can only be guaranteed once the purchase has been successfully completed and the tickets have been issued. Travel suppliers and airlines have the right to change their pricing without prior notice. Hence, PlanMyHolidays reserves the rights to cancel bookings and reservations if the user does not make payment in full and promptly.

To cover ancillary expenses during hotel stay, some hotel suppliers may require users to present credit card or cash on check-in. These payments are not covered or related to any payment users make through PlanMyHolidays at the time of doing their bookings and reservations.


PlanMyHolidays.com.com is always eager and keen to know users’ views and hence, appreciates some form of feedback. The PlanMyHolidays website has terms and conditions related to journals, reviews, recommendations, suggestions, opinions, queries, news articles, texts, images, directories, guides, photographs, illustrations, graphics, logos, information, data, software, applications, messages, ideas, comments, testimonial, questions, or other materials that users send to PlanMyHolidays.

These terms and conditions are applicable to any content submitted by users to PlanMyHolidays via website submission, email or any other means and methods.

PlanMyHolidays.com.com and its affiliates, partners and subsidiaries have a non-exclusive, royalty-free, constant, transferable, irrevocable and completely sub-license right to:

  • Use and create derivative works for public display on offline and online media from the user submission
  • PlanMyHolidays reserves the right to reproduce, modify, translate, publish and distribute any submission, review or opinion submitted by users
  • PlanMyHolidays reserves the right to display and use the name and email address of users who have completed a submission along with it

PlanMyHolidays has the right, at its sole discretion, to attribute your comments, reviews, and opinions, and these submissions could be shared by PlanMyHolidays with its supplier partners.

In case of violation to you or PlanMyHolidays rights, when it comes to submissions, PlanMyHolidays.com.com has the legal right to bring legal proceedings at the offending individual or entity. All submissions and postings are non-proprietary and non-confidential. PlanMyHolidays does not assume responsibility or liability for any submission posted or submitted by the user.

PlanMyHolidays has the right at its sole discretion to determine which comment, posting or review should be published. In case a user does not agree to these terms and conditions, they are advised not to submit anything.

PlanMyHolidays  terms, conditions and policies regarding claims by third-party regarding content and information available on the website infringes the copyright of the third-party is available in Claims of Copyright Infringement section.


PlanMyHolidays.com.com takes user privacy very seriously. Hence, users are advised to review current privacy policy and any updates periodically as the policy governs the users use of the PlanMyHolidays website.


To facilitate seamless booking or reservation of hotel room during a stay, PlanMyHolidays pre-negotiates the room tariff with hotel suppliers and providers on behalf of the traveler.

The room tariff that is displayed on the PlanMyHolidays website is the pre-negotiated rate. Hence, when you book your hotel room via the PlanMyHolidays.com website, you agree and give consent to PlanMyHolidays.com.com to proceed with your reservation for the room in accordance to the room tariff displayed on the website plus taxes recovery charges, taxes and service fees, where applicable.

You authorize PlanMyHolidays to do the hotel reservation on your behalf, and this includes making payment arrangements to the hotel suppliers. You agree that other than the tax responsibility on the amounts paid PlanMyHolidays can retain a certain amount for its services. PlanMyHolidays is not responsible for tax collection for taxing authorities. Any tax recovery charges on pre-paid hotel booking are an estimated amount that PlanMyHolidays pays the hotel supplier for taxes that are due on the room tariff. The hotel supplier is responsible for remitting the applicable taxes to the taxing authority in their jurisdiction.

The displayed tax and actual tax may vary once the hotel room is actually used by the traveler. PlanMyHolidays retains a service fee as compensation for facilitating travel booking and hotel reservation.

Users have the right to cancel, modify or change their prepaid hotel booking. However, users will be charged a change or cancellation fee, as stipulated by the hotel’s terms and conditions. In the event of no show on the first day of the booking, users are mandated to make changes to their hotel reservations to prevent being charged a cancellation fee or losing their hotel booking altogether.


PlanMyHolidays is not responsible for any error or inaccuracy in the information and description of cruise, flight, vacation, hotel, car rental or any other travel product or services displayed on the PlanMyHolidays.com website.

Information, application, product or service published on the PlanMyHolidays website may include errors or inaccuracies. The website retains the right to correct any error, including pricing, on displays or pending bookings and reservations made with incorrect pricing. Under such circumstances, PlanMyHolidays will provide the user an opportunity to retain the booking or reservation at the corrected price or cancel the same without incurring a penalty.

Resort and hotel ratings are displayed on the PlanMyHolidays website. The ratings are merely guidelines and PlanMyHolidays does not guarantee that accuracy of the rating.

The service providers of hotels, carriers and other travel-related services and products are completely independent. They do not function as employees or agents of PlanMyHolidays. Hence, PlanMyHolidays is not liable for acts, errors, misrepresentations, omissions, breaches, negligence or warranties of such suppliers or for any personal injury, death, property damage or any other damage or expense resulting therein.

PlanMyHolidays is not liable and will not make money in the event of a delay, cancellation, strike, overbooking, force majeure or any other reason beyond our control. The site is not responsible for any additional expenses users incur due to omissions, delays, re-routing or acts of government or authority.

The terms and conditions with all limitations are for user acknowledgement so that they understand the risk between the parties. These terms and conditions are stipulated in this section and will apply if any limited resolution is specified in the Terms of Use. The limited liability inures PlanMyHolidays and its agents and suppliers.

PlanMyHolidays serves as a travel agent and acts as booking agent. Hence, it does not take any liability for preparation and arrangement between customer and supplier pertaining to the standard of services. PlanMyHolidays.com is in no way responsible for the services offered by the supplier.


The PlanMyHolidays website may contain links to third party websites. These links are in no way under the control of PlanMyHolidays and hence, the company will not be responsible for the content, material, updates and changes in these website links.

These links are provided to PlanMyHolidays users as a mere convenience and users should not take the presence of the links as an endorsement from PlanMyHolidays.com.com.


In case there is a currency converter available on the PlanMyHolidays website, the following terms and conditions apply:

  • Rates of conversion are based on the publicly available sources and function as mere guidelines
  • Rates are not verified and actual rates could vary
  • Currency rates are not updated on a daily basis
  • Check the date on the currency converter to determine when the rate was last updated

PlanMyHolidays assumes that the information offered by the currency converter is accurate, but the website, its affiliates and its suppliers do not guarantee accuracy. If users intend to use the currency converter for financial purposes, it is best to consult a qualified and experienced professional.

The currency converter is present for personal use only, and users do not have the legal right to resell, redistribute and use this information for commercial purposes.


Certain credit card providers and banks charge fees for international transactions. Hence, users from out of India doing a booking in India using a credit card should be aware that their credit card company will convert the payment into the local currency and also charge a fee for the conversion.

The amount mentioned in the bank or credit card statement will reflect in the local currency and hence, will have a different figure compared to the billing summary page on the PlanMyHolidays India website. The amount may also include foreign transaction fee if the credit card is issued outside India.

International travel booking could be deemed an international transaction by the bank or credit card company as PlanMyHolidays can forward your payment to an international travel supplier. The exchange rate and transaction fee imposed will be at the sole discretion of your bank on the day the transaction is processed. Please contact your bank for information and queries related to foreign transaction fees and currency exchange rates.


Content and material published on the PlanMyHolidays.com.com website are owned by PlanMyHolidays. However, PlanMyHolidays is not responsible for content or material published on the site by third-party.

The logos, trademarks, products and company names published on PlanMyHolidays website are owned by their respective owners.


PlanMyHolidays respects the copyrights and limitations of other companies and websites. If a website user believes that content and material published on the PlanMyHolidays website infringes the copyright of another company or individual, the user should send a written notice to PlanMyHolidays with the following details:

  • A precise classification of the copyright work that you deem has been infringed
  • Information for PlanMyHolidays to locate the actual work to compare whether infringement has occurred
  • Contact details, like name, telephone number and email address, to facilitate communication between you and PlanMyHolidays
  • A statement of faith belief claiming that the owner did not authorize the publishing of the content or material
  • A statement claiming that your notification is accurate and the complaining party has the right to act on behalf of the copyright holder
  • A signed notice by the individual or entity who is authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner